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We Are Committed to Developing Our Own Clinical Research Professionals

At Syneos Health®, we strive to create an employee experience that supports career aspirations, enhances skills and ensures we continue to develop best-in-class clinical solutions to drive our business.

We are proud of the environment we have created for our Clinical Research Associate (CRA) community and are committed to providing career opportunities for new clinical talent.

That is why Syneos Health was the first global CRO to offer an internationally recognized accreditation for entry-level CRAs. The Syneos Health Clinical Training Institute (CTI) is accredited by the International Accrediting Organization for Clinical Research (IAOCR) and offers a comprehensive blended training program on the fundamentals of monitoring according to the globally accepted competency framework.

The robust training program – entirely led by IAOCR credentialed trainers – is geared toward entry-level CRAs to generate a pool of Syneos Health associates focused on quality, project delivery and commitment to advancement. CTI provides coaching for onsite monitoring skills through real-life scenario discussions, case studies and small group interaction.

Upon completion of the training, graduates earn accreditation and are supported until promoted to CRA II to ensure they are provided necessary professional support and development.

As a CRA, you will work with top 20 pharma, doing research that matters, with endless opportunities to work with experts around the world and build the career you want. We are passionate about developing people to achieve their personal and professional goals in support of Shortening the Distance from Lab to Life®.

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