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Combating Complexity

2021 Health Trends

We’re seeing a second wave of leaders and advocates working together to combat complexity in communication about healthcare and treatment options. This new tipping point is fueled by an important trifecta: the increasing personalization of medicine, stronger understanding of how people make healthcare decisions, and new challenges created by replacing many face-to-face conversations with phone lines and screens. The new science of engagement brings together plain language, behavioral insight and actionable steps to help patients and advocates make personal decisions with confidence.

Critical Question

Which of our clinical and commercial materials could use a fresh evaluation for relevance to advocates and patients?

Did you know...

Plain: Plain language summaries (PLS) are designed for patients and their supporters who are actively seeking scientific information. They translate dense clinical publications into non-technical language to fuel understanding. PLS are increasingly likely to launch with abstracts. At ESMO 2020, Pfizer launched each of its abstracts with a companion plain language summary., from Syneos Health, catalogs all the publicly available clinical trial plain language summaries.

— Pfizer, 2020;
— Syneos Health, 2020

Infodemic: Experts are saying simple, trusted scientific information is more important than ever as patients try to make decisions about COVID-19 trials and treatments/vaccines in the middle of culture wars. In fact, this infodemic is bringing to light how underestimated poor health literacy is as a public health problem. In Europe, for example, nearly half of adults have challenges with health literacy and lack key competencies to take care of their health and their loved ones. A similar review out of China, reported 28% of Beijingers have adequate health literacy to confidently address chronic and acute disease.

— The Lancet Public Health, 2020;
— Healio / HLRO, 2020

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