May 12, 2020


The rapid rise of COVID-19 is challenging our industry to adapt to new ways of conducting clinical trials and accelerating innovations. We need to operate in a new environment that is tragically affecting human lives and severely disrupting the care paths of patients participating in clinical research. The fluidity of the pandemic presents its own challenges, with conditions varying by site, and changing rapidly and frequently. How do we proceed if patients cannot visit sites and site resources are stretched thin? What site support is necessary to keep clinical development on track, and how can we best provide it? Our approach remains a firm focus on patient and site staff safety, and the continuity of clinical development. To address these issues, we are leveraging a framework of proven and emerging best practices that minimize burden to the healthcare system.

For more information, view our related webinar, "Clinical Development in the COVID-19 Era: Trial Continuity and Restarting Quickly, Safely and Successfully."

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