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Investing for Launch Success: The 'Goldilocks' Ratio

Exploring how emerging biopharma companies that often underinvest in the years leading up to product launch can instead opt for a spend that’s “just right.”

Launching pharmaceutical products is never simple. Lacking experience, emerging companies often underspend in three years leading up to launch, especially in the critical last 12 months. Others wait too long, then rush to catch up as the opportunity slips away.

Syneos Health® has collected and analyzed 15 years of data showing that executive teams can aim these key financial and strategic decisions at a “Goldilocks” investment threshold—neither too little, nor too much —and thereby improve the odds of commercial success.

Read the article below for the latest in our ongoing series of published reports and surveys, exploring how more than 1,000 industry business leaders in different corporate roles planned their launch spending and how, moving forward, they can finetune investments while grappling with post-pandemic market realities.

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