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Strategies for Improving Recruitment in Sickle Cell Disease Studies: Insights from Patients and Caregivers

Recommendations to engage sickle cell disease patients more fully in clinical trials based on patient and caregiver insight collected by Syneos Health.

The world has been transfixed by recent FDA approvals of gene therapies for sickle cell disease (SCD)—a major milestone for patients and SCD communities and for cell and gene therapy research overall. Although these new treatments will not be a solution for everyone, they shine a spotlight on the potential for continued advances.  

Yet, to ensure these advances, there is a need to engage patients more fully in SCD trials, as low trial participation is a major impediment to clinical trial success in general and to SCD trials in particular.  

In 2023, Syneos Health created and conducted an online survey with patients living with SCD and their caregivers concerning their knowledge of, and interest in, clinical trials. Based on these insights, experts offer recommendations for improving patient recruitment for SCD clinical trials. 

Download the paper below for recommendations on engaging patients more fully in SCD trials, a review on the impact of new therapies and suggestions of other considerations needed to move SCD research forward in the future.  

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