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Syneos Health Podcast: Medical Affairs Series

Reporting from the floor of the Medical Affairs Professionals Society (MAPS) Global Annual Meeting, this podcast series features interviews with industry leaders, focusing in on the impact and value of Medical Affairs today, where the function is heading and how we are going to get there.


Episode 1: Be Bold - Preparing Medical Affairs for 2030 and Beyond

As a function uniquely positioned to address evolving market dynamics, how can Medical Affairs prepare for 2030 and beyond? In this first episode, hear from Josh Ziel, Executive Vice President, Scientific Services at Syneos Health as he unpacks how we can get beyond incremental improvements to really be bold and think forward as we bring Medical Affairs into the future.


Episode 2: Measuring the Immeasurable: Value and Impact of Medical Affairs

It’s no question that Medical Affairs has historically struggled to show value and impact within its organization. In this second episode of the series, Arshi Gupta, Managing Director, Medical Affairs at Syneos Health and Deb Crawford, Director, MSL Team at Teva Pharmaceuticals discuss the intricacies  involved in measuring what seems, well, immeasurable.


Episode 3: Stakeholder Engagement in a Data-Driven Environment

There’s been an overall shift in the healthcare ecosystem toward more proactive and cross-functional engagement, altering the fundamental nature of conversations from the perspective of Medical Affairs. In this episode, Anita Holz, Executive Director and Therapeutic Area Head, Cardiometabolism, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Boehringer Ingelheim, discusses the evolving interface with healthcare professionals and the power of omnichannel engagement in an increasingly data-driven environment.


Episode 4: Recruiting for the New Profile of Medical Affairs

As Medical Affairs has evolved, so have the acumen required for Medical Affairs professionals and leaders to succeed. In this episode we sit down with Jackie Tisch, Managing Director, Taylor Strategy Partners, to discuss the new profile of Medical Affairs, how recruiting for these roles has changed and challenges in finding the right fit.


Episode 5: Bringing Medical Affairs Into the C-Suite


Today we are speaking with Dr. Kirk Shepard, co-founder of the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) and Chief Medical Officer and Head of Global Medical Affairs at Eisai. Dr. Shepard has effectively brought Medical Affairs into the C-Suite, and in this episode we discuss the importance of education, communication, collaboration – and what needs to change as the function continues to advance as a value-based strategic leader.


Episode 6: Value Demonstration - A View From the Top

In this continuation from our previous episode, Colin Oliver, PhD, MBA, Managing Director, Medical Affairs Consulting at Syneos Health, steps in as guest host to dig in more deeply with Eisai’s Dr. Kirk Shepard on a critical question: How do we make the case to our cross-functional partners that Medical Affairs deserves a seat at the leadership table?  And how can we demonstrate the value that Medical Affairs can bring to that table?

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