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Unlocking Externally Sponsored Research Value and Efficiency: Enhancing Sponsor Engagement

As biopharma and regulators’ appetite for understanding the value of medicines in the real world increases alongside the desire to be closer to patients and providers, a new lens is being placed on Externally Sponsored Research (ESR) as a key pillar in Evidence Generation (EvGen). Many companies are looking to a more strategic use of ESR, including for signal seeking (e.g., biomarker or screening studies) and gathering data to build a therapy line.

For many, ESR programs are still synonymous with lengthy delays, poor data reliability and quality and represent a compliance minefield. The resultant poor value realization, and in some cases regulatory audit findings, has led to significant investment over the last 10 years to tighten control across ESRs.

To unlock further efficiency and EvGen value improvements, the industry should now look to enhance sponsor engagement across the ESR lifecycle within robust compliance guardrails.

Read this white paper to learn how to optimize ESR capabilities, with three key areas of focus to drive enhancements in sponsor engagement.

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