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Why We Resist: The Surprising Truths about Motivating Behavior Change

A Guidebook for Healthcare Communicators, Advocates and Change Agents


We all set healthcare intentions for ourselves. We want to do better. We want to feel better. What holds us back from succeeding? Behavioral science has uncovered a number of fundamental underlying human truths that reveal why people reject healthcare change.

In this book, we teamed up a behavioral scientist and a healthcare communicator to work together to create one clear picture of what we know and how we can apply it in the everyday work of helping more people live healthier lives.

Inside, you'll find nine principles of behavioral science that point to new ways to design communications, interventions and programs to help people make better, more confident decisions about their health. All while building the motivation to try and the resilience to try again when they have a setback along the way.

Each principle comes with tools, examples, and new ideas to help quickly upskill you and your team on how to use what motivates people to unlock real change.

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All proceeds from this book will be donated to The STARR Coalition, a nonprofit organization working to bring together thought leaders within clinical research, pharma and advocacy.

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