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Real World Evidence

More Than Data: Creating Commercial Value Through Innovative Real World Evidence Practices

Value-based care isn’t just on the way. It’s already here. In the modern world of biopharmaceutical development, creating a strong value story is key to market success. Real World Evidence (RWE) lays the foundation for that story and acts as the critical bridge from clinical effectiveness to commercial viability.

At Syneos Health, our fully integrated RWE solutions are designed to ensure you have the right evidence at the right time to tell your value story in relevant, meaningful and compelling terms to a proliferating array of key stakeholders. Because no other company offers a solution that stretches from concept to commercialization, no other company can offer the breadth and depth of RWE expertise that Syneos Health brings to the table.

The Syneos Health® RWE Solution

Regulatory authorities have always had an interest in post-marketing research, but today they are joined by a variety of other healthcare system stakeholders including health insurers, health technology assessment authorities, patient advocacy groups and provider associations. And what these players are interested in, above and beyond how the product performs in clinical trials, is how it performs in real world settings.

When you work with Syneos Health, where clinical and commercial disciplines collaborate to integrate data and insights, you can count on us to deliver a smart RWE strategy steeped in our understanding of your therapeutic landscape and the market-shaping dynamics in play.

We are unique in our ability to bring together data sources collected outside the traditional clinical realm of randomized controlled trials (RCTs), including retrospective analyses of claims databases and medical charts, prospective observational research and pragmatic clinical trials. This includes advanced analytics and unmatched prescription data and adherence insights.

But data alone isn’t enough in this environment.

Unlike other CROs, we bring industry-leading commercial insights to the RWE planning process. Our teams collaborate to analyze the data and share insights informed by our deep understanding of the disease category, patient behavior, market access pricing dynamics and payer communications. This unique clinical and commercial combination enables Syneos Health to build the strongest possible value stories targeted to your patient, physician, payer and regulatory audiences.

RWE generation delivers:

  • The supportive data needed for regulators to approve and license
  • The evidence of value needed by payers to authorize and pay for drugs
  • The evidence physicians need to prescribe a drug with confidence
  • And, ultimately, the right information for patients to adhere to a therapy regimen and optimize outcomes

With your needs in mind, Syneos Health offers what no other company can: a comprehensive solution spanning from concept to commercialization. It’s our commitment to faster processes, deeper insights, smoother systems, and more actionable Real World Evidence and understanding that enable you to compete in a marketplace that grows more complex and competitive each day.

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