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Rater Training

Validity and Reliability of Outcome Measurements Enhanced

Our Rater Training specialists work to improve the quality and consistency of test administration and test scoring/behavioral rating of scales so our customers can see an improvement in the quality and consistency of their data.

About Rater Training

Our clinical Rater Training Services team provides expert, comprehensive rater evaluation, rater training and rater scales management services coupled with unparalleled scientific, technical and procedural support.

We combine global experience with a customizable, customer-focused approach to enhance the validity and reliability of outcome measurements for your clinical trials. We offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art, full-service capabilities for designing and implementing rater training programs, and we collaborate with customers to tailor services to the unique training needs of each individual study.

Look to us as the definitive source for rater training, rater evaluations (Central Rating Review), document management (translations, harmonization, copyrights, workbooks) and computerized neuropsychological assessment in multi-center clinical trials.

Our team members are highly experienced clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychometrists and assessment specialists who have extensive global experience in providing rater training. We provide ongoing project training and support throughout the study rather than only at investigators’ meetings.

Our widespread access to the global resources of our larger clinical organizations includes expert data management, data quality assurance and analysis consultation.

We employ a variety of training and certification methodologies and technologies to deliver truly comprehensive rater training capabilities, including:

  • The ability to tailor training programs and materials according to your specific needs
  • Use of cutting edge technology to train, track and monitor raters
  • Careful attention in training sponsor and CRO staff on the monitoring and interpretation of diagnostic, efficacy, safety and other types of scales carried throughout the trial
  • Centralized review of study data to protect against rater inflation and other rater errors
  • Centralized scoring of study data by experts to enhance the quality of ratings and protect against rater inflation

Interested in Syneos Health?

Interested in Syneos Health?