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When entering a new market, managing issues, anticipating an approval or targeting specific stakeholders, customers seek clinical trial analytics and insights to support strategy, planning, program development and evaluation. We can provide both syndicated and custom research offerings to inform your strategies and reveal actionable responses, tactics and programming.


Our Syndicated Data group has decades of experience in data tracking biopharmaceutical industry promotional spend and physician interactions with patients and drugmakers, to inform planning across product life cycles. These are all vital areas of trial scope and drug development cycles. We also provide custom research on media, and the regulatory and competitive environment to help understand the evolving landscape and be armed with the most relevant clinical research analytics.


Our market analysis and insights include identifying and mapping influencers, opinion leaders and advocacy organizations and payers, and understanding the perceptions of the patients, caregivers and HCPs.


Introduced in 1990, our medical audit, known as TreatmentAnswers™ (formerly the PDDA audit), is the biopharmaceutical industry’s premier drug and diagnosis audit. It offers unique insights into physicians’ intended prescribing habits through quantitative drug and diagnosis analysis. It provides national-level disease state and associated therapy data, using a more robust data sample than similar diagnosis audit services. This broader representation brings you a clearer picture of the activity of office-based physicians.


TreatmentAnswers™ surveys more than 3,000 U.S. based physicians, representing 30 specialties, every month. Physicians report all patient activity during one typical workday per month. Data are processed, projected, and posted monthly on the firm’s Report Generator database. Subscribing customers access this database and/or receive custom reports throughout the month. A full-service customer services team supports customers in their efforts to access and interpret the data.


Our promotional data set, the U.S. pharmaceutical and biotechnology market’s most comprehensive package of promotional syndicated research audits, captures a longitudinal read of physician detailing activity, product sampling, event participation, e-promotion, journal advertising, and DTC spend.  


The PromotionalAnswers suite consists of the following audits:

DetailAnswers™ (formerly the PSA/HSPA, NP/PA and MPA audits)

  • Delivers reliable estimates of competitive detailing (calls, details, minutes, frequency, etc) across office- and hospital-based physicians, as well as NPs and PAs; DetailAnswersPlus™ delivers increased detail at sub-national (customer target and geographic region) levels


SampleAnswers™ (formerly the SDA audit)

  • Monitors drug sampling volume (boxes, packages and units) plus coupons, rebate cards, trial offers and co-pay cards to physician practices and estimates sample spend using industry standard costs


EventAnswers™ (formerly the PMEA audit)

  • Tracks meeting and event activities of all biopharmaceutical companies and their respective products and allows quantitative analysis of event volume, expenditures and attendees


eAnswers™ (formerly the ePromo audit)

  • Provides competitive industry insights about online promotional activity and enables quantitative analysis of online promotions (including activity type, activity volume, e-promotion spending, and reach)


JournalAnswers™ (formerly the PJA audit)

  • Provides estimates of advertising in professional medical journals and healthcare tabloids targeting MDs and HCPs and enables quantitative analysis of ad expenditures and volume across product, class and company levels; also offers the ability to view ads via the online Ad Browser


ConsumerAnswers™ (formerly the DTCA audit)

  • Measures promotional spending across most media types, including television, magazine, radio, newspaper and outdoor advertising, and gives customers access to electronic images and videos of advertising campaigns via the online Ad Browser


The AnswerSuite Dashboard is a tool that provides real-time access to up to one year of our full suite of promotional and medical audit data.  


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