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For nearly 30 years, Syneos Health Syndicated Market Research & Insights has been fueling the biopharmaceutical industry with data, consulting and expertise needed at all stages of the product lifecycle. Powered by the AnswerSuite data set, our team excels at providing unsurpassed service supported by:

  • Dedicated HCP panel with continuity 
    • A strong HCP panel comprised of thousands of healthcare providers, across 30 specialties, offering one of the most comprehensive medical and promotional audits in the industry.   The dedicated panel provides the information
      continuity for the industry and behavioral trends over time. 
  • Experts Partnering for Success - 
    • A dedicated team of industry experts who work as business partners to achieve clients’ business goals. Syneos Health possesses decades of experience in tracking and analyzing biopharmaceutical industry promotional spend and physician interactions with patients and drug makers. Data is transformed into an actionable insights and confident decision-making.
  • Experience 
    • A long history and breadth of syndicated services which affords use across a variety of needs, ranging from launch preparation to generic protection strategies. The AnswerSuite audit data provides industry validated results, whether profiling specific diagnoses and drug treatments for all the markets or investigating promotional mix strategies for the most brands.



Medical Audit Data


AnswerSuite provides the biopharmaceutical industry’s premier drug and diagnosis audit. It offers unique insights into healthcare providers’ intended prescribing habits through quantitative drug and diagnosis analysis. It provides national-level disease state and associated therapy data, utilizing data collected from 30 specialties and across all therapeutic markets. This broad representation brings a clear picture of the activity of office-based HCPs and also provides the ability to customize and segment markets and key metrics for a host of provider and patient demographic variables.


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Promotional Data


Our promotional data set, the U.S. pharmaceutical and biotechnology market’s most comprehensive package of promotional syndicated research audits, captures a longitudinal read of promotional strategy and spending trends by channel and across therapeutic areas.


  • Physician Detailing: Delivers reliable estimates of competitive detailing (calls, details, minutes, frequency) across office- and hospital-based physicians, as well as NPs and PAs; Custom analytics also allow for detail measurement at the sub-national (customer target and geographic region) levels
  • Sampling: Monitors drug sampling volume (boxes, packages and units) plus coupons, rebate cards, trial offers and co-pay cards to physician practices and estimates sample spend using industry standard costs
  • Meeting & Events: Tracks meeting and event activities of all biopharmaceutical companies and their respective products and allows quantitative analysis of event volume, expenditures and attendees
  • ePromotion: Provides competitive industry insights about online promotional activity and enables quantitative analysis of online promotions (including activity type, activity volume, e-promotion spending, and reach) 
  • Professional Journal: Provides estimates of advertising in professional medical journals and healthcare tabloids targeting MDs and HCPs and enables quantitative analysis of ad expenditures and volume across product, class and company levels; also offers the ability to view ads via the online Ad Browser
  • Direct-To-Consumer: Measures promotional spending across most media types, including television, magazine, radio, newspaper and outdoor advertising, and gives customers access to electronic images and videos of advertising campaigns via the online Ad Browser



Who We Serve 
  • Biopharmaceutical Companies – Large to small biopharmaceutical companies depend on the depth and breadth of services offered by the AnswerSuite and our team of experts to evaluate market landscape, prepare for launch, track brand and competitive performance, assess new product extensions/indications and analyze product strengths versus development opportunities.
  • Consulting Organizations – AnswerSuite continues to be a key competitive advantage of the consulting industry and an essential input to their client engagements across the industry. Both medical and promotional data suites are utilized by various consulting firms, to scope market and new client opportunities, provide staff with market knowledge, enhance internal analytics and track client performance.
  • Regulatory & Compliance – The AnswerSuite services provide a unique view into the current activity of physicians and biopharmaceutical promotion through survey-based research with HCPS across 30 specialties. AnswerSuite provides the data needed to track promotional messaging and placement, along with evaluate the on and off-label use of prescription medications.
  • Media and Ad Agencies – Media clients engage with the Syneos Health Syndicated Market Research & Insights team to gain the knowledge necessary to appropriately and effectively target and message to key audiences. While the medical data is employed to determine optimal physician and patient targets for advertising, the promotional data provide clients with competitive promotional mix strategies and ad placement.


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Knowledge Sharing


Syneos Health releases an  AnswersOn series which provides the industry with relevant insights on physician treatment trends, patient profiles and current biopharmaceutical advertising. Specific therapeutic areas have been selected to highlight various national awareness campaigns throughout the year. Click here to access the AnswersOn library.


Syneos Health is actively looking for healthcare providers to share their experience and therapeutic knowledge. Participation provides our HCPs the opportunity to influence the path of healthcare promotion, while being compensated for time and feedback.  Join our physician panel today.