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Quality and Compliance

We’re Here to Support Your Quality Management System

Customers need to ensure independent quality management to confirm that they are in control of their Quality Management System (QMS) and need access to global resources to cover all Good Practice guidelines (GxPs). We can support the building or redevelopment of your QMS.  

I love working with the Syneos Health Quality Consulting team. They are highly professional, reliable, very collaborative and always open to help and adapt to the Sponsor requirements. Even when we have to conduct audits and inform them within short notice, they are able to find the adequate resources. I wish we can keep working with them for a long time.

-Medium sized European pharmaceutical company
  • 1500+ investigator site audits in past 6 years 
  • 53 countries have been the locations of these audits
  • ~250 customers supported, including top 10 pharma
  • I-IV phases of clinical trials audited in all major therapeutic areas

Overview of Our Quality and Compliance Consulting Services

Every product development program can benefit from considering potential risks and issues as early as possible in its life cycle. The dedication of our Quality and Compliance team, combined with our knowledge of inspection agencies’ different cultures and expectations, means that we assess and help you manage your risk professionally, expertly and globally.

Compliance Audits – Complete Independence

We offer the following types of audits: investigator site, vendor, for cause, TMF, database, document, safety/PV, central lab, GMP and IRB. We also offer assessment and effectiveness audits of QMS, investigations and RCA, training programs, and CAPA process.

Quality Management – Effective Quality Systems and Processes and Organizational Regulatory Compliance

We can provide process and operating model optimization, operational effectiveness, change management and communication, and implementation of new regulatory requirements within a company’s QMS. 

Inspection Readiness – Mock Inspections

We can conduct mock inspections for investigator sites, partners and customers, and inspection readiness activities, including audit or regulatory documentation and verification of preparedness. In addition, we offer investigator training and responsible team training.

Identification and Management of Compliance Risk for External Customers

Our global quality consulting team provides individual compliance audits as well as total quality and compliance program management, as an extension of our customers.

Completely Independent Study Operations and Corporate Quality Capabilities:

Quality audit - 

Investigator site, vendor qualification and performance, data management, pharmacovigilance, clinical and statistical reporting, TMF and GxP system.

GMP auditing - 

We can provide vendor auditing and management, and site audits.

We also offer batch record review and release, GMP/GLP inspection readiness (in line with both FDA and EMA regulations), risk-based quality assessments and GAP analysis, and compliance remediation.

GPV Support

Global PV Unit (RPV) and local affiliates (local RPV) - 

Our GPV support includes organizational structure, personnel qualifications, training and experience; vendor oversight; quality management system (including procedural deviations, audits, CAPAs); EU QPPP responsibilities; PSMF management; management of cases: data collection, assessment, medical review; safety event sourcing (medical enquiries, call centers, sales representatives, literature reviews, clinical studies, customer engagement programs, etc); product complaints; signal detection; aggregate reporting; business continuity plans; updates of reference safety information and management of safety restrictions (e.g., SmPC transmission, core data sheet update, labeling); and safety reporting to authorities.

PV Unit interaction with third parties - 

These include vendors, CROs, alliance partners, co-licensing partners and distributors.

We Are Part of Your Team

We are quality specialists who have completed thousands of audits, inspections and implementations across every corner of the globe. We are also consultants with diverse backgrounds across management consulting, corporate strategy, product development, strategic finance and venture capital. And, we are regulatory experts, including veterans of the FDA and the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies. But, most importantly, we are part of your team.

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