Accelerate Your Edge in Hematology and Oncology Trials

Greater diversity in oncology and hematology clinical trials has the potential to yield long-term value by enabling a more accurate understanding and demonstration of efficacy and safety in unique patient populations.


Syneos Health is closing a long-standing communications gap between patients and those who innovate on their behalf with tech-enabled, human-centered solutions including a new level of trial-specific, site-level data analysis, precision HCP targeting and 1:1 omnichannel engagement, enabling life science companies to meet FDA draft guidance and uphold the commitment to patients  for diverse and equitable clinical trials reflective of the real-world end user.

Meet with us at ASH to discuss your clinical challenge, and how our collective knowledge and insights can help create solutions specific to the needs of your trial.

Understanding the Patient Experience of Those Who Have Undergone or Considered CAR T-Cell Therapy in the United States - CAR T-Cell Therapy Patient Engagement Project (CPEP)​



Anthony J Messina, ​PhD, Director, Assessment & Insights, Syneos Health 


Jane K Bentley, PhD​, Vice President, Oncology Therapeutic Strategy and Innovation, Syneos Health

Keri McDonough, MA, Head, Patient Voice Consortium & Vice President, Medical and Scientific Strategy, Syneos Health


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