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Friday, January 8, 2021 | 12-12:30pm ET

On December 8, 2020, the UK became the first Western country to deliver a broadly tested and independently reviewed vaccine to the general public. This session will discuss the path to reaching this momentous milestone – in short time – how the country is approaching the massive task of rolling out the vaccine to its entire population, and lessons that have been learned along the way.


  • Jaime E. Hernandez, MD, Executive Medical Director, Infectious Disease and Vaccines, Syneos Health


  • Steve Bates, CEO, BioIndustry Association
  • Kate Bingham, Former Chair, U.K. Vaccine Taskforce and Managing Partner, SV Health Managers LLP


IN CONVERSATION WITH THE COVID-19 LEADERS: A Sense of Urgency with Vaccines and Mobilizing Collaboration

Monday, January 11th | On Demand

Senior leaders of the companies developing vaccines for COVID-19 will share their insights and firsthand experiences of rising to the occasion to address this urgent need.


  • Paul Colvin, President, Clinical Solutions, Syneos Health


Hit, Stand, Double-Down or Split: Applying the Strategies of Blackjack to Your Dealmaking Approach

Tuesday, January 12th | 3:00 - 3:45pm ET

As in Blackjack, there is a science and strategy to biopharma dealmaking, a risk versus reward calculation to be made at each turn of a card. During this exclusive Blackjack Masterclass with MIT Card Counter and Blackjack Champion Mike Aponte, learn blackjack, card counting, better decision-making – and how to apply the basic principles of the game to your business.


  • Neel Patel, Executive Managing Director, Consulting​, Syneos Health
  • Mike Aponte, World Series of Blackjack Champion​, Former Member of the MIT Blackjack Team 


Workshop: To Spend or Not to Spend: Investing for Commercial Success as an Emerging Company

Tuesday, January 12th | 4:30-5:30pm ET

Based on two years of survey data and market analysis, this interactive session will drill down on perception versus reality around level of investment needed – and where to spend – for a successful product launch.

Workshop Leader:

  • Naveen Murthy


Panel: Rerouting: How Real-Time Patient Data Will Drive the Future of Healthcare

Tuesday, January 12th | 4:15-4:45pm | Register for the Workshop

There can be no mention in today’s clinical trial world without considering decentralised capabilities. The continued digitization of trials combined with the COVID-19 pandemic have thrust trials into new and unexplored pathways. Now, with several companies heralding the promise of real-time data, the industry may be about to take a sharp right turn. Join our speakers as they discuss the possibilities of continuous patient monitoring and digital therapeutics while outlining several new pathways that real-time patient data promises to deliver.


  • Maria Fotiu, EVP, Decentralized Solutions, Syneos Health


Panel: Investing in Diversity

On Demand | Register to View for Free Here

It has become clear that diversity in all forms – ethnic, racial, gender, age – leads organizations to greater success. We know that different perspectives and experiences create more opportunities. Join us to discuss what our industry is doing to invest in diversity as a powerful resource.


  • Lucy Abreu


Panel: The Digitization of Clinical Trials

On Demand | Register to View for Free Here

COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of decentralized clinical trials (DCT) and use of digital health/AI tools to support clinical trials. This panel will explore the new technologies increasing access to clinical trials and partnership and investment trends. Panelists will examine the long term landscape discussing how deliberate study planning and protocol optimizing DCTs effectively will differ than the ‘ad hoc’ use of services during COVID and how DCTs are creating diversity in clinical trials.


  • Maria Fotiu, EVP, Decentralized Solutions, Syneos Health



Mon, Jan 11, 10:30 am to Fri, Jan 15, 10:30 am
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