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Decentralizing Clinical Trials:  What have we learned, what do we want to keep, what do we want to change?


As sites, CRO’s and sponsors adapted at speed to find methods to ensure patient safety and continuity of clinical research during the medical emergency we now must take time to reflect. Decentralizing clinical trials must meet the needs of patients, sites and sponsors. To be successful, the industry and sites must work together to harness experience and expertise, defining best practice and increasing optionality and inclusivity of clinical research as a choice for all.

Join Syneos Health Decentralized Solutions team to learn how to adopt DCT technologies and methodologies that work for sites, patients and sponsors.


  • Scott Scarola
  • Lisa Kodis
  • Marie Emms



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Breakout Sessions:


Innovative Methods to Revolutionize Your Business Development Practices

Development & Marketing


If your business development (BD) efforts involve calling the same people for study leads you were using five years ago, your site is likely missing out on valuable opportunities. Join this discussion to find out how other sites have reinvigorated their business development processes and found new channels for growth.



Adrienne Bush, MA, Director, SSU and Regulatory, Site Identification, Syneos Health

Andrew Kimball, VP, Business Development, Meridian Clinical Research

Brad Pryde, Co-Founder, OneThree Biotech




I Can Live With This CTA: Ensuring Your Negotiations Meet Your Needs

Legal, Operations & Administration


Your clinical trial agreement is a fundamental and foundational element to every clinical trial. It is also often one of the primary bottlenecks to study start-up. Join a panel of subject matter experts from site, sponsor, and CRO stakeholders to learn tips and tools for effectively negotiating a fair contract. Best practices will be outlined, processes identified, and solutions provided.



Michael Pierre, Director of Systems Management, Meridian Clinical Research



Chuck DeMars, MS, Corporate Director of Budgeting & Contracting, CenExel

Jillian Sherman, JD, Associate Director, SSU Regulatory, Syneos Health




FDA Audits: Yes, That Really Happened!

 Legal, Operations & Administration


FDA audits are an inevitable reality that all sites should be prepared for before they are audited. Hear perspectives from those who have experienced FDA inspections to learn how they prepared for the audit and what measures they have implemented to ensure future inspection-readiness. You will have the opportunity to share your audit experiences and hear from others to help you prepare for, lead, and follow up on an FDA audit.



Lori Banctel, MPH, CHRC, Associate Director, Central Monitoring, Syneos



Shivani Shah, MS, ACRP-CP, Exec. Director of Clinical Operations, DM Clinical Research

David Vulcano, MBA, MSW, VP, Research Compliance & Integrity, HCA Healthcare

Ana Marquez, MSF, President, Clinical Research Partners




Protocol Feasibility: Tactics & Tools for Success

Legal, Operations & Administration


Assessing the feasibility of a protocol for your site is an important task. Failure to assess the right sections of a protocol could cost your site financially and impact future study acceptance. Sites now have report cards, so it is important to set your site up to receive an A+ grade! Join this session to learn how to utilize your historical data and communicate constructively for successful study acquisition.



Marie Emms, VP Site & Patient Access, Syneos Health



Jennifer Doraski, US Site Partnership Manager, Oncology, Sanofi

Edward Czerwinski, MD, PhD, Senior Medical Director, Futuremeds

Steven Geller, MD, FACP, CPI, Medical Director, Centennial Medical Group




Level Up Your Recruitment Methods

Patient Experience


Our work starts and ends with the patient. As a result, nothing is more important than the adoption of innovative recruitment methods. In this session, attendees will share their most successful recruitment tactics, including advertising and social media campaigns, that empowered them to meet milestones and coordinate site- and sponsor-directed efforts to ensure we are delivering highly effective treatments that best support and reach patients faster.



Marie Emms, VP Site & Patient Monitoring, Syneos Health



Jason Roth, VP, Business Development, Platinum Research Network

Joss Warren, Head of Strategy and Partnerships, THREAD Research

Miaesha Campbell, Director, Patient Recruitment & Retention, Medpace





The Importance of Successful Site Relationships- Marie Emms

Spia and Site Tank- Scott Scarola



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Fri, Oct 01, 10:00 am to Sun, Oct 03, 06:00 pm
The Diplomat Beach Resort
3555 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood South Central Beach
Hollywood, FL 33019
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