Miriam Kalnicki

Senior Strategist, Reputation and Risk Management Practice

Miriam Kalnicki has nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare, consulting and client management. At Syneos Health, Miriam helps clients address complex business challenges through customized communications strategies, designed to resonate with core stakeholders. As one of the team’s leaders in value communications, Miriam is expert in issues of pricing & access, public health, safety and regulation. Miriam has worked with clients—from small-to-mid-sized biotechs to multinational pharmaceuticals—helping them effectively disclose price at FDA approval, prepare for market access challenges, undergo value framework assessments like ICER reviews and manage risk around routine price increases.

Tue, Jan 21, 10:15 am to Fri, Jan 24, 10:15 am
Hyatt Regency Miami
Southeast 2nd Avenue, Downtown Miami
Miami, FL 33131
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