Meaningful Brand Experiences: Using Data-Driven Insights and CX Design to Drive Engagement and Loyalty, Pre-Omnichannel Deployment

Tuesday, November 16 | 12:00pm ET

It took a pandemic to get healthcare caught up to CPG. We have embraced data, CX, and MarTech’s ability to deliver 1:1 experiences.  In our hasty transformation we have skipped a crucial step in our evolution.  Most healthcare companies consider themselves customer-centric, but in reality they are brand-centric and customer-focused. The data they use is centered on brand-relevant transactions, not the true health consumer journey, leaving out major moments in the customer experience that can significantly impact a customer’s perception. This limited data creates barriers in understanding the full and “true” customer, and erects roadblocks to providing a customized experience.

In this workshop, participants will explore:

  • Practical tools to help uncover motivational mindsets and plot the complete customer experience; 
  • What data sources are required to capture customer experiences, including preferences, behavioral attributes and drivers of purchasing decisions;
  • Ways to connect initiatives to insights collected from specific data sets;
  • How to ensure every initiative reinforces an experience that keeps your brand "worth it."


Meet Our Speakers


AJ Triano
EVP, Practice Lead
Customer Experience Strategy



Jen Batey
Integrated Strategy


Mon, Nov 08, 12:00 pm to Wed, Nov 10, 12:15 pm
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