RWE Program - Accessing and Generating RWD

Wednesday, Feb 19th | 12:50pm

LUNCHEON PRESENTATION: Going Virtual in Real-World Research: Opportunities & Challenges

Real-world research is proving to be a useful setting to pilot test new technologies and process innovations for use in RCTs. One such area is mobile technologies, which hold promise to enable conduct of so-called “virtual” studies that significantly reduce the need for site-based patient recruitment, enrollment, and data collection. This presentation will highlight the opportunities and challenges for going virtual in real-world research, using an ongoing fully-virtual prospective cohort study as a case example.

Presented by David Thompson, PhD, Senior Vice President, Real World and Late Phase


Outsourcing Program - Mastering an Outsourcing Strategy

Wednesday, Feb 19th | 12:15pm

CO-PRESENTATION: Evolved FSP Models are Meeting the Industry Need for Organizational Agility

As customers look to consolidate outsourced Clinical Solutions, typical static outsourcing models fail to meet their increasingly complex scientific and operational needs. Rather than think of outsourcing or insourcing as single function engagements, sponsors can combine the stability and infrastructure of a full service organization and a flexible FSP team to quickly respond to evolving development needs. Syneos Health will provide a case study that demonstrates, improved efficiencies and cost reductions by leveraging multi-function FSP models to support the growing need for organizational agility.

Co-presented by Eleanore Doyle, Executive Vice President, FSP Strategic Solutions & Shaun Williams, Executive Director of Investigator Management


Tue, Feb 18, 01:15 pm to Fri, Feb 21, 01:15 pm
Hyatt Regency Orlando
9801 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
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