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How to Get Paid for Digital Therapeutics

Current coverage trends in the U.S. and Europe, specific case studies of hurdles for DTx developers, and what is required to make a more persuasive case to payers.


Chris Wright, Consulting



Ed Pazella, Payer

Jessica Shull, DTx Alliance


Developing a New Diagnostic for a Rare Disease to Fuel Clinical Trials and Build a Market

Case study of a collaboration between a pharma company and a national diagnostics lab that led to the commercialization of a quantitative diagnostic test for HDV.


Alastair Smith, Clinical



Matt Bryant, Eiger Biopharmaceuticals

Sierra Broder, Hepatitis B Foundation 

Mridula Iyer, Quest Diagnostics


What Drug Pricing Policies Can the Executive Branch Enact without Congressional Authority?

Deep dive into executive authority on healthcare policy, discuss what is and is not possible, and how things may change under a new administration. 


Meg Alexander, Reputation & Risk Management





Mon, Jun 08, 11:00 am to Thu, Jun 11, 11:00 am
San Diego Convention Center
111 West Harbor Drive, Downtown
San Diego, CA 92101
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