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Panel: RBQM & Clinical Transformation: Supporting Trial Optimization During COVID-19 and Beyond

Tuesday, March 2nd | 10:35am


  • Nicole Stansbury, VP, Global Clinical Monitoring


Panel: Advancing RBQM: Lessons from the Trenches

Tuesday, March 2nd, 11:45am


  • Nicole Stansbury, Vice President, Global Centralized Monitoring, Syneos Health


Panel: Shall I Apply DCT? And What Do I Do Now?

Wednesday, March 3rd | 1:35 pm - 1:55 pm

In the pandemic we rushed to implement point solutions.  Now we are able to be more strategic, but with so many options and technologies, deciding when and how to apply DCT solutions can be challenging. This presentation will provide insights to help you and decipher what changes may be needed at an organizational level to ensure success.


  • Noolie Gregory, VP, Decentralized Clinical Trials Operations


Tue, Mar 02, 02:00 pm to Thu, Mar 04, 02:00 pm
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