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The Physician Context

How do we best support healthcare professionals right now? Are our teams trained in the empathy they need to understand and respond to the real context these prescribers and investigators are working in?

2021 Health Trends

The experience of working as a healthcare professional was a very uneven one in 2020. Some were overwhelmed by so much work and heartbreak, they struggled mightily with burnout and despair.

Others were left looking at empty practices and operating rooms, wondering how they would be able to recover financially and how their patients were truly faring without them. Many treated COVID-19 patients without proper PPE. These dynamics are driving career reconsiderations and have changed views of their lives and medicine.

Did you know...

64%: Among U.S. physicians, 64% say their burnout has increased during the pandemic. 44% say their relationships at home are more stressed and 46% say they’re feeling increased loneliness.

— Medscape, 2020

37%: More than 1:3 physicians globally are considering retiring early or making a career change away from medicine. An additional 13% are looking for a different type of work situation, e.g., employed, self-employed, contractor, etc.

— Medscape, 2020

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