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The Patient Advocate’s Role in Spurring Sponsors to Develop Therapies for Emerging Rare Epilepsies

How partnering with patient advocacy groups can enhance drug development, from protocol design to messaging, addressing rare disease research needs.  

Our understanding of epilepsy, including the mechanisms of seizure generation and spread, has significantly evolved in the last few years. This advanced knowledge is paving the way for the research and development of new and more effective anti-seizure drugs (ASDs). 

Since 2020, the landscape for ASD development, particularly for rare types of epilepsy, has transformed. There are now several financial and regulatory incentives encouraging the pursuit of these unmet needs in the pharmaceutical world. Partnerships with epilepsy patient advocacy groups (PAGs) and experts like Syneos Health are crucial for drug developers - not just beneficial, but essential for optimal implementation throughout the drug development process. From refining protocol designs to enhancing patient messaging and material development, these partnerships bring invaluable insights. 

Download the white paper below to explore the role of patient advocacy groups, the impact of recent incentives, and the potential for breakthroughs in ASDs.

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