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Challenges and Opportunities in Epilepsy Clinical Trials

Epilepsy, the fourth most common neurologic disorder, affects some 65 million individuals of all ages worldwide, including 3.4 million in the United States. Prevalence rates are increasing—in part, as a result of progress in genetics and imaging and a greater understanding of the mechanisms behind the disease. 


Despite these advances, 30 percent of people living with epilepsy are unable to achieve seizure control–the same as more than 20 years ago–despite the dozen of anti-seizure drugs (ASDs) made available since. 


While today’s ASD market is highly genericized, unmet needs remain, including effective treatments for refractory epilepsy and for specific rare epilepsy syndromes. Though each syndrome/disease/condition is different, people living with rare epilepsies share many common symptoms and side effects. However, because each syndrome population is small, research to unlock answers is not moving fast enough.


Download our white paper to explore the key challenges with epilepsy clinical drug development and learn our approaches to patient-centric clinical trial design that incorporates more clinically meaningful outcome measures and improves the identification and recruitment of patients with epilepsy.


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