Harnessing the Power of Experience and Insights

When it comes to launch, there’s only one chance to get it right; when it comes to patients, there’s no time to waste.

While no two product launches are alike, there are critical elements of commercial success – signatures of launch excellence -- that all brand teams should be guided by.



True launch excellence comes not from hitting a forecast but from maximizing opportunity


To that end, Syneos Health has created a proprietary approach to building launch excellence as a core capability, with a single focus on maximizing an asset’s potential.

We call it our Launch Playbook® – our guide to the critical success factors and processes needed to effectively:

  • Benchmark industry best practices and assess organizational fit
  • Build and align on global and affiliate asset-level launch strategies and operational plans
  • Design launch excellence processes and frameworks that fit organizational requirements
  • Develop training materials and facilitate live-training sessions to build launch capabilities


Our Launch Playbook, your competitive advantage


Using Launch Playbook, we have successfully partnered with life sciences companies both large and small to design, build and pull-through launch excellence initiatives globally –
we have supported over 700+ launches across US, EU, LATAM and APAC.



Working with Syneos Health you’ll receive the insights and experience that leads to successful outcomes, including:


  • Proven local-to-global launch and commercialization success: Clients employing the Launch Playbook process experience a 45% improvement in time-to-launch.
  • Ability to combine science with commercial planning (including marketing, sales, payer communications, medical): We staff projects with advisors that provide deep functional and therapeutic area insights to inform strategy, planning and implementation.
  • Deep understanding of global and local branding and commercialization models: We’ve supported the launch efforts of nearly 60% of new molecular entities (NMEs) over a recent five-year period.



We begin with the end in mind


At Syneos Health, our unique lab-to-life service offering consists of end-to-end scientific, clinical, regulatory, commercialization and marketing expertise.

Our insights across the clinical-to-commercial spectrum can help you define the most effective, cost-efficient go-to-market strategy while keeping the ultimate goal – delivering value to patients – squarely in focus. See how our Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model helps shorten the distance from lab to life. Learn more.

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