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Clinical Development Services (CDS) Project Management

Solution-Focused CDS Project Management

About CDS

Our Clinical Development Services (CDS) Project Managers provide solution-focused project management across our single, multiple and full service and FSP 360 and Full-Service CDS business lines, so you have one point of contact for each project within CDS. Our CDS Project Managers provide support for all non-therapeutic Business Unit specific areas, from Early Phase through the support of regulatory submissions.

Our clinical project management solutions provide dedicated support for CDS-only work, from Early Phase to Phase IV, and expert Project Managers for safety and pharmacovigilance portfolio work, delivering consistency across programs and submissions, and covering all therapeutic areas and indications.

What You Can Expect

You get a single point of contact, expertise in CDS services, and accountability and transparency with a proven track record of successful delivery. Timelines and risks are managed proactively, applying knowledge from past experiences to ensure accurate financial management.

Interested in Syneos Health?

Interested in Syneos Health?