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Clinical Monitoring

Passionate about supporting sites and patients

A clinical trial has many complex, moving parts and each must be monitored to protect the safety of study participants while keeping the study running according to protocol and regulatory requirements.

At Syneos Health®, patients and clinical sites are at the center of everything we do. We bring that perspective to every clinical trial we run, with a focus on clinical services and activities supporting and enabling patients, healthcare providers and data collection.

Streamlining strategy to mitigate risks and drive data integrity in clinical trial monitoring

We take a risked-based approach to developing and executing the project monitoring strategy. To ensure quality execution, patient safety and data integrity, we use comprehensive dashboards customized to the specific risks of each trial.

Orchestrated by the Clinical Trial Manager, our highly skilled Central Monitors (CTs) and clinical research associates (CRAs) collaborate closely and work in sync along with our Risk Managers and RBM subject matter experts to resolve concerns swiftly so that patients stay safe, studies stay on schedule and results remain robust.

The result?

  • Issues are detected 20% faster than by traditional monitoring methods

  • 40% of queries and protocol deviations are detected by our CMs so that CRAs can focus on taking corrective actions with sites

Developing new clinical talent

Our Clinical Monitoring team members perform crucial roles in patient safety, site and study compliance, and clinical data integrity. Staffing and consistency in these roles are paramount to project success.

We created our Clinical Training Institute and Oncology Academy, accredited by the International Accrediting Organization for Clinical Research (IAOCR) to generate a talent pool of CRAs focused on high-quality project delivery. This focus on attracting and training new talent is a hallmark of our commitment to professional development and advancement within the organization.

Remote monitoring: taking studies to patients, and patients to studies

Decentralized clinical trials have the potential to increase efficiency and data capture while creating exciting new ways to accelerate patient access, improve retention and increase diversity through remote monitoring. We combine deep insights, agile technologies, innovative trial design experience and operational excellence to bring clinical trials closer to the patient and the patient closer to the trial. Learn more about our Decentralized Solutions and Mobile Research Nursing and Concierge Services

Commitment to therapeutic depth

At Syneos Health, therapeutic depth is one of our hallmarks and customer commitments. Our Clinical Monitoring teams are experienced in all major therapeutic areas, including Oncology and Hematology, Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular and Infectious Disease.

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