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Established Brands Marketing Solutions from Syneos One®

Maximizing revenue by creating the right promotional mix

Transitioning a drug brand from the growth to maturity stage presents special challenges and opportunities. The challenges can be significant, among them: increased competition, patent urgency and, perhaps most importantly, pressures to reprioritize spending to more resource-intensive launch brands.

But the opportunities are also significant, bolstered by HCP familiarity, the availability of data on how the product works in the real-world setting, and uptake analytics that can be leveraged to refine future strategies.

An established drug brand still has the potential to be a source of revenue, but needs a more efficient promotional model to maximize bottom-line results.

A surround-sound brand strategy

Syneos One® approaches the challenges and opportunities of promotion of established pharmaceutical brands with an innovative, modular marketing solution that integrates advanced data science, digital communications and resource deployment together with your existing infrastructure to realize their full potential.

How you benefit

You’re able to focus on launch products and core competencies where strategic value is the greatest.
You get outsourced functions that can handle dynamic scaling as markets shift.
You benefit from an integrated approach that can merge seamlessly with the internal brand functions you desire to retain.

Mixing to optimize blend – in ways that may surprise you

At Syneos One, our service offerings consist of deep expertise across the product development lifecycle. For your established brand, this means that we are able to tailor a full range of our leading capabilities to meet the brand’s specific needs including:

Field Teams

Engagement Center

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Communications and Messaging

Access and Reimbursement

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Established Brands Solutions are offered by Syneos One

Syneos One is a dedicated interdisciplinary team providing seamless delivery of asset development solutions, bringing in the right resources and expertise spanning all clinical development, medical affairs, and commercialization services needed to bring products to market, address unmet patient needs and maximize value for stakeholders.

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