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Non-Core Asset Development from Syneos One®

A solution that solves for unique resourcing challenges

Compared to your organization’s core assets – i.e., assets in priority therapeutic areas with dedicated infrastructure and subject matter expertise resourced internally – non-core assets present a unique set of resourcing challenges, including lack of investment; inefficiencies and high costs; and lack of a clear strategic path forward to optimize development.

Why Non-Core Asset Development?

The Benefits

Our Non-Core Asset Development offering leverages the full breadth of Syneos Health therapeutic area and category expertise to deliver on your product development needs.

Reach out to learn how our Asset Development Team can customize an integrated development solution for your unique non-core asset.

Non-Core Asset Development is offered by Syneos One®

Syneos One is a dedicated interdisciplinary team providing seamless delivery of asset development solutions, bringing in the right resources and expertise spanning all clinical development, medical affairs, and commercialization services needed to bring products to market, address unmet patient needs and maximize value for stakeholders.

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