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Customer Colleagues,

Syneos Health continues to closely monitor and follow developments related to the geopolitical crisis in Ukraine. Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, clinical trial patients and investigators. As this crisis evolves, we will keep you informed through ongoing communications and updates.


Caring for employees, and site and patient continuity, are most important to Syneos Health. We have directed all employees in Ukraine and Russia to prioritize their safety and wellbeing – for themselves and their families – and are committed to doing everything to support them in a place where they feel safe. This includes salary acceleration, flexible work arrangements and Employee Assistance Programming.

To the extent possible, we are working closely with impacted customers, sites and employees to find alternative monitoring and remote working situations to best manage study, site and patient impact.


Syneos Health is assessing the enhanced embargos and diplomatic sanctions imposed on Russia that were recently announced. We are evaluating the impact of these sanctions and will share updates with customers and sponsors accordingly.


Syneos Health is making every effort to minimize the impact of the geopolitical situation in Ukraine for customers and sponsors.

  • Patients: Patient care and patient safety comes first. Our teams are working to keep enrolled patients in studies and on treatment, where possible. We are also putting in place provisions to do what we are able to maintain IP, medical and clinical trial supplies to patients and sites in Ukraine and Russia.
  • Sites: New site activations and site initiation visits in Ukraine are on pause subject to sponsor discretion due to ongoing risks. In Russia, we are evaluating the situation in a risk-based manner and are assessing our ability to conduct clinical trials further to sanctions and escalating risk.
  • Cybersecurity: Syneos Health is closely monitoring cybersecurity intelligence and activities. We are actively enhancing our security posture and readiness to defend against cyber-attacks.

Syneos Health has also instituted a variety controls and restrictions in the affected areas, primarily leveraging a risk-based approach on a per project basis.

  • Ukraine: We have discontinued field monitoring visits and paused new site activations, screening and enrollment activities.
  • Belarus: Similarly, we have paused new site activations, screening and enrollment.
  • Russia: We have issued a ‘caution’ to our project teams to assess each project on a risk-based approach for the conduct of field or remote monitoring visits, continued site activations, and new patient screening/enrollment. Our intent is to maintain project continuity as feasible for each project with a focus on the rights and well-being of potential research participants. As of this date, we are still able to conduct critical clinical trial activities in Russia, at the discretion of the sponsor, while complying with all applicable sanctions.

We’re regularly updating our Ukraine Crisis Resource Center. Please visit our Resource Center to learn more.

Thank you for your partnership during these times of crisis.

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