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Syneos Health Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) 

Fueling our DE&I Efforts

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) focus on our employees and enable our leaders to listen and learn together. Ultimately, they foster a work environment that includes and embraces racial, ethnic, and gender diversity and other individual differences that ultimately allow employees to bring their Total Selves to work. Our ERGs are voluntary, employee led and Company supported. They aim to build community and solve business problems while cultivating leadership skills.  

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Syneos Health® employees join ERGs to: 

  • Enhance career development by seeking out leadership opportunities
  • Bolster personal growth by participating in formal programs like mentoring
  • Drive business results and influence our policies, programs and other DE&I efforts 

Explore our growing ERG Community: 

  • The Asian ERG serves as a link to external educational institutions and professional organizations to build a talent pipeline and increase recruitment and retention of Asians / Pacific Islanders / APAC-based employees.
  • Our ERG increases cultural awareness, sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of Asians / Pacific Islanders / APAC-based employees at Syneos Health. Recently, the team partnered with the Learning & Development team to develop and launch a Cultural Awareness Bundle to provide a better understanding of the subtleties of cross-border communication to help employees work more effectively with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders around the world.
  • We plan and execute virtual and in-person events including but not limited to workshops, seminars, volunteer activities and speaking engagements.
  • In addition to participating in the McKinsey Asian Leadership Academy and several Company mentorship programs, the ERG hosts quarterly “Leading with Intention” sessions with Syneos Health leaders, as well as regular “A Day in the Life of a...” sessions spotlighting employees of different roles within the businesses.

  • Focused on recruitment, representation and visibility of Black leaders. Black / African Americans make up 13% of our workforce in the U.S.  
  • We are focused on driving awareness and sparking change across the business through educational events that support a culture where Black employees can thrive.  
  • The ERG hosts events and educational sessions around Black History Month (U.S. and U.K.), Juneteenth and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and engages employees through a variety of events such as guest speakers, panels and internal events. Each year, we lead a group of employees in turning Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day into a Day of Service for several communities across the U.S. 
  • The ERG actively participates in various mentorship programs and initiated a trailblazing partnership with the McKinsey Black Leadership Academy. The successful program has been expanded to the Asian and ConeXion ERGs, and has created other great programs geared toward promoting the talented Black community into Dir+ leadership positions within Syneos Health. 

  • ConeXion ERG was launched in March 2022. Our members currently span over nine countries in continents, although our footprint is growing every day.  We are focused on awareness, development, and representation of our LatinX and Hispanic community within Syneos Health.
  • The group is focused on listening to our LatinX community and producing programs that support their professional development and leadership skills. We participate in the McKinsey Hispanic Leadership Academy, as well as additional mentoring programs.
  • Our events throughout the year and during Hispanic Heritage Month include celebrating our LatinX leaders, cultures and successes.

  • The Developing Professionals ERG strives to provide personal and professional opportunities for guidance and growth.
  • We focus on building a welcoming global community for individuals new to the workforce, but also to the industry.
  • We support the development and career advancement of Developing Professionals by focusing on the career paths of senior leaders of the organization through mentorship programs and panel discussions.

  • The DNA (Definitions Not Applicable) ERG (formerly the LGBTQIA+ ERG) is focused on improving the experiences of LGBTQIA+ identified Syneos Health colleagues around the globe; building safe, inclusive work environments, and educating the Syneos Health community on workplace challenges the community faces.
  • We host education and awareness campaigns throughout the year (during Pride month and beyond), including programming for the organization and the ERG.
  • The ERG also hosts a regular “Huddle with” series with both internal and external speakers sharing their life experiences and journeys.
  • We are an all-inclusive group, and welcome all members, allies, volunteers and parent supporters.

The Disability ERG mission and objectives include:

  • Decreasing the stigma associated with disabilities. We inform and educate Syneos Health employees, as well as contribute and support to an inclusive and diverse workplace.
  • Increasing the number of employees with disabilities within Syneos Health in order to solve problems and build community. All current employees are welcome to join this community, share similar characteristics and life experiences, as well as gain understanding of patient voice.
  • We provide leadership opportunities for employees all around the world, helping drive personal and professional development with opportunities to run various programming activities, and ultimately drive positive business results for Syneos Health.
  • We have also developed additional communities within this ERG focused on Caregiving, Neurodiversity and Accommodations.

  • The Veterans ERG is focused on creating a veteran-friendly environment and partnering with the business to find solutions to hiring and retaining veterans.
  • We have members across the globe, but primarily in the U.S. and U.K., who are veterans, military family members and allies.
  • Veterans comprise over 5% of our workforce in the U.S. We partner with our Talent Acquisition and local veterans’ organizations on hiring initiatives within different business units.
  • Once veterans are hired, they may join the Veterans ERG. They are embraced by our veteran community and may be partnered with an onboarding “mentor.”

Research shows that 60-80 percent of recently served veterans leave their first job outside of the military within two years. That’s why it’s so important for our ERG to invite all veterans, military family members, and allies to join our ERG and to promote a sense of community and belonging.

  • The Women of Syneos Health have pioneered ERG efforts at the Company going as far back as 2016, and are focused on empowering women to achieve their professional and personal life goals.
  • Our workforce has an overall population of 68% women globally and 56% of director and above roles filled by women – we consider this a strength.
  • Our ERG helps to maintain this strength by engaging women across the globe in a variety of forums and communities.
  • Each year the ERG raises awareness around International Women’s Day and partners with corporate through our Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Rising Stars and Luminary Program.
  • The ERG has grown consistently year after year, globally launching communities across EMEA, India and Latin America.

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