Bringing the Patient Voice to Center Stage


Through bidirectional communications and new forms of partnerships, patients are leveraging hard-earned lived experience to counsel pharmaceutical companies across the lab to life continuum, and a chorus of patient advocacy groups, coalitions, influencers and independent advocates have stepped into areas once reserved for researchers and industry professionals.

To build on this progress, Syneos Health knows that the industry needs to get closer to meeting and beating the real-world expectations of patients and caregivers, and ensure we stay one step ahead of the heightened expectations of regulators, payers and customers.


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Join us at the Chief Patient Officer Summit to discuss how the life sciences industry can play a tremendous role in developing relationships with diverse patient populations.


Panel Discussion: July 20, 2022 | 9:30 a.m.

Exchange Ideas for Building a Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our life sciences industry has a tremendous role in developing relationships with diverse patient populations. Discuss current challenges and opportunities for reaching underserved populations. Objectives: Identify collaborative partnerships with health equity focused patient organizations; Discuss challenges that occur in specific disease areas; Improve cultural outreach and the impact of clinical trial awareness and education; Identify social determinants which may prevent access.




Angel Akinbinu
Director, Site and Patient Diversity, Syneos Health


Find additional details about the Syneos Health Patient Voice Consortium here.

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Inclusive Leadership: Infusing DE+I In Your Corporate DNA

WEBINAR SERIES: Blazing a Trail to Clinical Trial Diversity


Tue, Jul 19, 09:30 am to Wed, Jul 20, 06:00 pm
Revere Hotel, Boston, MA
200 Stuart Street, Bay Village
Boston, MA 02116
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 Inclusive Leadership: Infusing DE+I In Your Corporate DNA


WEBINAR SERIES: Blazing a Trail to Clinical Trial Diversity