Navigating ‘The Great Reset’ together

As stakeholders navigate ‘The Great Reset’ in clinical research and the continued momentum toward decentralization, it’s important to integrate the learnings from the past two years operating in a mostly hybrid and/or decentralized trial approach into best practice. Lessons gleaned can improve traditional, hybrid and decentralized trial approaches and enable our industry to coalesce around universally high-quality standards and scientific rigor while creating a strong foundation for sites and sponsors to mature their decentralization efforts in 2022 and beyond.

At Syneos Health, it’s our business to understand how sites work. Because when we understand the issues sites face, we can better accelerate success. Through our Site Advisor Groups and Catalyst Site Community in APAC, we take the time to cultivate meaningful connections with investigators from the start and help adapt best practices to the unique APAC landscape.




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Tue, Jul 12, 09:15 am to Wed, Jul 13, 05:15 pm
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