C-SUITE WORKSHOP: To Spend or Not to Spend: Investing for Success as an Emerging Company

Monday, January 13th | 2:45p - 3:45p

Hilton Union Square, Imperial Ballroom

Whether or not the plan is to partner, out-license or go it alone, executives at emerging companies need to understand – early on – what levels of spend are appropriate to prepare a product for a successful launch.  Many clinical-stage companies find themselves either underfunding and subsequently underperforming in the market, or overfunding and incurring costs that do not add incremental value to commercial success. A strategic analysis of influential factors, such as level of development risk, corporate strategy, customer base characteristics and competitive landscape can help these companies determine whether to spend more or less, earlier or later in the process as they bring their product to market. 

In this interactive session for C-level executives, participants will review the results of an industry survey on spend and through facilitated discussion take a deeper dive into the factors that influence commercial spend decisions and strategies for mitigating risk – and how those decisions in turn influence future commercial success.  

Led by Naveen Murthy, Managing Director, Commercial Strategy & Planning



LUNCH PLENARY: The Impact of Pricing, Policy and Payers: Reshaping the Life Sciences and Healthcare Landscape

Tuesday, January 14th | 12:00p - 1:45p

Hilton Union Square, Imperial Ballroom

Pricing pressures, policy changes and the increasing influence of payers continue to transform the biopharma marketplace and require companies to adapt. This panel will discuss current and potential challenges, and how organizations can mitigate risk, remain flexible, and succeed in the face of these changing stakeholder expectations and market demands

Moderated by Michelle Keefe, President, Commercial Solutions



DIGIMED SHOWCASE PANEL: Securing Reimbursement and Its Influence on Development, Investment and Market Adoption

Tuesday, January 14th | 3:00p - 4:00p

Parc 55, Level 4, Cyril Magnin II & III

A host of digital therapeutic products have cleared regulatory review but are now navigating the reimbursement landscape. How is reimbursement influencing the development, investment, and market adoption of these products? What are current digital therapeutic coverage patterns in the U.S. and Europe?

Moderated by Aaron Davis, Managing Director, Value, Access & HEOR, Commercial Advisory Group  


Mon, Jan 13, 03:15 pm to Thu, Jan 16, 03:15 pm
Hilton San Francisco Union Square
333 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
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Additional Details 

Meet us at the Syneos Health Biotech Showcase HQ, right across the street from The Hilton Union Square.

Parc 55 Hotel

Suites 3161, 3164 & 3115

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