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Focus on decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) has taken a massive leap over the course of the pandemic. COVID-19 forced an accelerated use of telemedicine, home health options and digital applications to keep studies running. Emerging from COVID-19, the use of decentralized solutions continues to rise worldwide. Although somewhat slower to adopt, the Asia-Pacific region has seen a dramatic shift in elements critical to implementation of decentralized solutions, including emerging clarity in regulatory guidance and greater acceptance of home health services, which will serve as important drivers of accelerated future use of DCT.

As APAC developers continue to explore opportunities to incorporate DCT into their clinical strategies, understanding what is working well in other markets – whether it be with the intent of leveraging to bring their asset into those markets or with an eye toward adapting these best practices to the unique APAC landscape – is key to success.



Key Takeaways:

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Learn implementation tactics and benefits of DCT in the US and Europe
  • Review case studies illustrating best practices for DCT implementation – and how these can be applied to APAC trials
  • Understand critical regulatory, site-specific and cultural implications to consider when applying DCT in APAC




  • APAC-based biopharmaceutical professionals engaged in Clinical Operations functions.





Scott Scarola

Vice President, Decentralized Clinical Trial Operations

Syneos Health



Scott joined Syneos Health in early 2021 as Vice President of Operations in the group’s Decentralized Solutions business unit.  There he is responsible for the operationalization of the company’s decentralized services and technical capabilities.  Scott joined Syneos Health with more than 21 years of clinical trial management and delivery experience across multiple CROs where he led study startup, enterprise reporting and analytics and helped facilitate organizational change initiatives.  In his current role, Scott works with organizational leaders to develop infrastructure to support the company’s DCT delivery capabilities.




Kevin Wightman

Senior Director, Corporate and Business Development

Illingworth Research Group



With more than 25 years’ experience in leading Pharma, CRO, site and patient centric solutions providers across Asia Pacific, US and Europe, Kevin is passionate about improving the way clinical trials are delivered to better meet patients’ needs. With industry association and not-for-profit Board Director experience, Kevin brings unique perspectives, stakeholder networks and insights from both industry and site angles. In his role as Senior Director Corporate and Business Development, leading Illingworth Research Group’s expansion in the Asia Pacific region, Kevin continues to follow his passion as a “patient pioneer,” making clinical trials more accessible and less burdensome for patients and their families and carers. Kevin originally graduated in Pharmacology from Nottingham University in the UK and has worked in Australia for over 20 years.

Tue, Oct 19, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
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7:30am IST (India)
10:00am CST (China)
11:00am KST (Korea)
1:00pm AEDT (Australia)