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2020 Health Trends

The Biggest Shifts Changing Lives and Life Sciences



Welcome to 2020.


We’re preparing for not only a new year but also a new decade—one that is likely to be viewed by decade’s end as an entirely new era of scientific advancement and technological change in healthcare. That’s how fast things are moving.




2020 Health Trends Report Cover

To keep up, organizations are tearing down silos—both internal and external—to facilitate new collaborations and to accelerate insight sharing and knowledge transfer. At every stage of the product development life cycle, innovators must now answer complex questions about cost and benefit—way before they are ever asked. Simultaneously, new technologies are challenging everyone to think fast about better ways to generate data and actionable insights. All of this is happening while the industry is under more pressure than ever to deliver on promises of value and trust.


Such rapid change makes it hard to focus and plan. We believe that our role, in partnership with you, is to grasp and harness these trends to prepare for what comes next.


We’re pleased to share this year’s report, which outlines 15 critical shifts that are changing how life sciences leaders will develop and commercialize novel new therapies and innovations in the year ahead. The report suggests tangible ways for responding to these powerful dynamics so that, working together, we can stay the course toward realizing innovation’s full potential.


We hope you find 2020 Health Trends valuable and thought-provoking.


Be good,

Alistair Macdonald
Chief Executive Officer
Syneos Health

So, what's urgent for 2020?

Here are the top 15 trends set to change clinical development, commercialization and treatment in the year ahead:
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