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Transformative Partnerships

How could pharmaceutical companies engage healthcare systems or payers in new ways? What three-way partnerships might make those value propositions even more compelling?

2021 Health Trends

Overall M&A activity may be slowing down, but that doesn’t mean organizations aren’t teaming up to create powerful new ways to meet changing consumer, payer and healthcare professional expectations.

Mounting market disruption is driving vertical partnerships, bold investments and pilots that make you think, shouldn’t it always have been this way? The key theme in these new partnerships: challenge each other’s assumptions about performance and fuel transformation at scale.

Did you know...

$100 Million: There was no shortage of telemedicine partnerships and acquisitions in 2020, but the one that may have received the most attention was an investment. Google backed Amwell, the telemedicine company, with $100 million of funding to boost their IPO and an agreement to mutually name each other as preferred partners. Amwell already runs on Google Cloud, but this deal will take the partnership further, integrating AI technologies to power intake and triage + assist with natural language translation.

— FierceHealthcare, 2020

2nd Opinion: Oncoshot is a collaborative oncology platform based in Singapore. It enables patients to share their healthcare data with trial institutes and partners to get an almost immediate and personalized view into what trials they might qualify for. Their new partnership with MyDoc, a digital healthcare provider, will direct patients within that network to Oncoshot where they’ll be matched to highly-qualified oncologists to help them find those clinical trial possibilities. Prudential and ACT Genome have built similar partnerships with Oncoshot.

— MobiHealthNews, 2020

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