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2021 Update: Non-Personal Promotion: What Do Payers Want?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to figure out new ways of connecting and working with one another – and payers are no exception. Understanding the evolving attitudes, behaviors and needs of payers over the past year is key to determining how to tackle the challenges of reaching this audience now and in the days to come.

How are payers managing?

GSW Managed Markets and Syneos Health Value & Access teams surveyed payers to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates them, their perceptions toward communications trends and their preferences. While health care resource utilization implications remain top of mind to all, we also wondered how is the pandemic affecting how they work, plan and gather industry knowledge.

Who Was Surveyed?

Twenty-five pharmacy and medical directors representing national and regional payers, insurers, IDNs and hospitals.

What Are the Top Issues Payers are Monitoring?

Among the top issues are coronavirus vaccines and treatments and price increases. Download the report for the full survey results and insights.

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