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2022 Health Trends: Insights for Industry Change Agents

After a year of absolute uncertainty, micro-predictions and near constant recalculations, the picture of our world and what’s next in it is becoming clearer. 

If there’s one through line in this year’s report, it’s this: we are an industry working toward sustainable acceleration in the product management lifecycle. The disruption of the pandemic fueled fast-moving innovation, including untold experience cycles that showed leaders what was possible in a crisis.   

So, what worked and what didn’t? What’s repeatable and important in the now normal?

There are several key themes leading us to what’s next and they start in a critically important place: new models across the spectrum from clinical development to commercialization and everything in between. Biopharma organizations around the world are validating provisional insights hard-earned in times of rapid change to identify exactly how to best achieve efficiency and effectiveness going forward. 


We unpack it all in our 2022 Health Trends report.

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