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2023 Health Trends: Personally, Purposefully Building What’s Next

Each year, Syneos Health takes stock of industry developments and harvests insights that can help shape a future of sustainable outcomes. If 2022 was a reset, 2023 is a year of renewal and re-imagining, where the senses are sharpened around what we need to learn.

This year, we are asking, how do we start imagining a future and building the purposeful, personal impact that we want to have on it?

What can we do to create optimism and a sense of future agency to make these positive outcomes possible?

Trends are one answer. It’s not just about reading or understanding them. It’s identifying the personal and team actions that steer us to the future we anticipate or want to build together.

Begin with the tools on this page. It’s time to craft your future vision.

2023 Health Trends
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Technology Evolution

  • AI: Finally Fit for Purpose
  • The Data Effect
  • Data-Driven Local Market Models
  • Digital Transformation: Start, Stall, Restart

Human Engagement

  • Care For the Frontline
  • A New Field for the Field Force
  • Improved Sophistication in Retention
  • Industry-Wide Push for Equitable Representation 

Healthcare Advancement

  • Bold Trajectory for Medical Affairs Innovation
  • Fast growth in "Agetech"
  • Prime time for The Value Debate
  • Outsourcing on the M&A Playing Field

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