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The Critical Success Factor for Fully Realizing Benefits of Decentralized Trials

The biopharmaceutical industry is amidst a widespread shift in healthcare, as we’ve seen accelerated acceptance of telehealth and decentralized care solutions by physicians and patients alike. In the clinical trials realm, the application of decentralized capabilities - from sensors and wearables to mobile nurses - reimagines a process that was ripe for an overhaul.

Trial design experts at Syneos Health® have found that no matter the size of the company or therapeutic indication of an asset, a critical success factor in executing decentralized trials is starting with a deep behavioral understanding of patients. Successful decentralized trials are as unique as patient needs, concerns and priorities.

In this article, we explore how leveraging technologies and personalized communications that more closely mirror what patients are becoming accustomed to in their care options can lead to better clinical trials and outcomes. In addition, we review how decentralized trials create exciting new ways to better the standard of care, accelerate patient access, improve retention and increase diversity, while providing the potential to increase efficiency and data capture.

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