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Dealmakers’ Intentions Survey 2023


The 2023 Syneos Health Dealmakers’ Intentions Survey comes at a volatile time for biopharma, and a unique juncture in our industry’s history. War in Ukraine, a bearish market and supply chain chaos are just a few of the factors that kept much of the industry away from the table. Entering 2023, the investment and dealmaking panorama remains a puzzle. Despite worries and uncertainties, there are hints that dealmaking intensity may be poised for a rebound after a year of inertia that mirrored the slump in major biotech stock indexes.

To better understand the current landscape of this marketplace, Syneos Health surveyed more than 100 members of the biopharma community, most of them with executive-level influence on decision making. This report, the 13th in our series, captures their expectations for deal activity, supply and demand for specific assets and different development stages, pitfalls leading to failure and other factors affecting dealmaking. What lies ahead for dealmaking in the biopharmaceutical industry in 2023?

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