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MM+M Podcast | Gaining Access and Delivering Pull-Through in IDNs and Key Accounts

Biopharma engagement with integrated health systems and key accounts has increased in importance and complexity. Community prescribers and small group practices continue to affiliate with large, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), health systems and organized group practices, reducing the influence of the healthcare provider’s prescribing autonomy.

At the same time, Commercial organizations continue to face a shift in their product portfolios that includes several traditional mass-market products approaching loss of exclusivity and the launch of more complex specialty products, rare disease and cell and gene therapies requiring specialty pharmacy engagement. As a result, healthcare customers are expecting a better understanding of their customer’s business and needs and omnichannel engagement. So, how do we manage these expectations?

In this episode of the MM+M Podcast, Chris Lisanti, Managing Director of Syneos Health Consulting and Sara Rubin, SVP of Market Access at Spherico, a division of GSW, discuss how to approach engagement, provide the right information, and have the right tools to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of engagement with IDNs and key accounts to satisfy customer needs.

The views expressed in this podcast belong solely to the speakers and do not represent those of their organization.

Chris Lisanti
Sara Rubin
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