February 12, 2021

How Data and Behavioral Science Come Together to Earn Change, Loyalty and Better Health 


Behavioral science has uncovered a number of underlying human truths that reveal why people reject healthcare change. Leigh Householder, Executive Vice President, Omnichannel Strategy at Syneos Health and co-author of “Why We Resist,” a book about why people make counterintuitive decisions about their own health, recently shared principles that point to new ways we can help people live healthier lives – backed by science.  


In this presentation at The Ad Club’s Vital Signs conference, Leigh identifies six intrinsic human needs that, if not met, are likely to interrupt a patient’s path to clinical trial participation, start of treatment, or long-term adherence to therapy. She also details how to leverage simple segmentation methods to amplify communications to encourage patient engagement.  


Watch to learn the surprising truths to motivating behavior change and utilizing omnichannel best practices at speed and scale.