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A Nudge Too Far? A New Conversation About Next Best Actions

When optimizing next best action strategy it is important to remember the volume of what our stakeholders are consuming, and plan accordingly.

As marketers and as an industry, we are increasingly driven by a “next best action” expectation—that we will use data to suggest and tee up the next best action that either we, our customers or other stakeholders can (or should) take. The problem is, this activity takes place in an environment where stakeholders are already overwhelmed by communication that can feel a lot like incoming fire.

When optimizing next best action strategy, do marketers really want to add more things that our stakeholders should do? Or should they begin to think about their role as marketers and commercial leaders in terms of service—less about what we’d like our stakeholders to do for us, more about what we can do for them?

This white paper covers ways marketers can ensure they are creating value with every interaction—with all the data-driven insight and technology at their disposal—so that they gain the privilege and the opportunity to connect with stakeholders in their day-to-day work, achieving our business objectives by supporting their goals for their patients.

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