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Prioritizing Mental Health Services for Those Living with Rare Diseases

Mental health is fast becoming recognized as one of the most important aspects of support for those living with complex conditions like rare and ultra-rare diseases. Lack of disease awareness, inadequate support systems and societal stigma are all barriers to patients receiving comprehensive care, which includes mental healthcare. 

In partnership with the Rare Disease Innovations Institute (RDII), Syneos Health® recognized Rare Disease Day 2022 with a series of virtual workshops focused on the dynamic intersection of mental health and rare disease. This year’s event brought together a diverse group of rare disease experts and advocates to identify opportunities to prioritize mental health services, destigmatize psychological support and reduce isolation to promote solidarity within the rare disease community. Download the article below for highlights on the issues, challenges, resources, solutions and inspiration needed to drive community support and policies that are focused on improving quality of life for those living with rare disease.

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