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Syneos Health Podcast | 2024 Health Trends: Managing the Healthcare Revolution

Nervousness and uncertainty surround the question of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) may mean for the future of work. How can we deploy AI transformation—thoughtfully—across an organization and help workforces see what the new models will signify and require of us?

In the first episode in this series related to our 2024 Health Trends, host Jeff Stewart is joined by Celeste Mosby, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Syneos Health Learning Solutions, to discuss the challenges of managing this healthcare revolution, especially in terms of training and adapting to the rapidly evolving landscape.

The conversation highlights the shift in the industry over the past five years, where technology, data and AI are now shaping the healthcare landscape—requiring professionals to keep up with the dynamic changes—and explores the impact of AI on human-to-human interactions, workforce training and the importance of thought leaders staying ahead of evolving trends.

For additional insights into Revolution Management, Learning and Change in the New World of Work—as well as the year(s) of reinvention ahead for the life sciences sector—download our 2024 Health Trends report.

The views expressed in this podcast belong solely to the speakers and do not represent those of their organization.

Jeff Stewart
Celeste Mosby

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