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Syneos Health Podcast | Can AI Help Get the Right Patients Into Alzheimer's Clinical Trials?

Alzheimer's disease is a challenging and devastating diagnosis that affects memory and cognitive skills, with no known way to predict, track, treat, or cure it effectively. In 2024, around 90 million people over the age of 65 will be living with Alzheimer's. Clinical trials for new treatments have faced high failure rates, partly because it's difficult to identify the right patients at the right stage of the disease. The potential solution to this dilemma might lie in AI, which could help analyze vast amounts of clinical data and provide a practical prognostic tool.

Our host Nick Kenny, Chief Scientific Officer at Syneos Health, is joined by Dr. Claudine Brisard, Senior Vice President of Neurosciences at Syneos Health and Dr. Christian Dansereau, CEO of Perceiv AI, to explore how AI and prognostic models might solve the challenges of selecting the right patients for Alzheimer's clinical trials.

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Nick Kenny
Dr. Claudine Brisard

Dr. Christian Dansereau

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