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Syneos Health Podcast | Connecting the Global Dots on Carbon Footprint in Biopharma


The World Economic Forum projects that by 2050, climate change could cause 14 million additional deaths and $12 trillion in global healthcare costs. And this will exacerbate global health inequities with our most vulnerable populations, including women, youth, elderly, lower-income groups, and hard-to-reach communities bearing the brunt of this change. We think we know the culprits…but do we really?

The fact is, the healthcare sector is responsible for almost 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions and has a carbon footprint equivalent to 514 coal-fired power plants. And if the healthcare sector was a country, it would be the 5th largest polluter on Earth. (Source)

In this episode of the Syneos Health Podcast, Nick Kenny is joined by Syneos Health colleagues Sharon Gordon, leader of our Social Impact practice and Beth Anne McPheeters, head of ESG programming, to discuss the intersection of climate change, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and healthcare. The conversation delves into the responsibilities of big industries versus collective action, the role of ESG in driving meaningful change, and the importance of integrating ESG into business goals to mitigate risks and create value, ultimately benefiting both business and patient outcomes—reinforcing that addressing climate change and promoting ESG is not just corporate responsibility but also essential for improving global health and equity.

For more on how Syneos Health is committed to making purposeful actions upholding our responsibility to create a more sustainable world for each other, read our 2023 ESG Report.

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The views expressed in this podcast belong solely to the speakers and do not represent those of their organization.

Nick Kenny
Sharon Gordon

Beth Anne McPheeters

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