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Syneos Health Podcast | Digital Therapeutic Commercialization

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are projected to be $50 billion industry in a few short years. While many minds may immediately jump to unregulated companion apps when they hear “digital,” there are also clinically validated prescription digital products that act complementary to or in combination with traditional biopharmaceutical therapies. As these prescription DTx gain traction, how can companies harness their power to improve their brand’s value proposition?

In this first of two episodes on DTx, Michael Sarshad, Managing Director, Commercial Advisory at Syneos Health and Austin Speier, Chief Strategy Officer, Click Therapeutics, join the podcast to discuss the growing market and opportunities for DTx across the product lifecycle, where DTx can add value and ways to think about how to integrate them into a brand strategy.

For a deeper dive into how companies can implement DTx to expand or augment the potential of their pharmaceutical and biologic therapeutic assets, read our article 10 Ways to Optimize and Accelerate Brand Performance using Prescription DTx.

The views expressed in this podcast belong solely to the speakers and do not represent those of their organization.

Jeff Stewart
Austin Speier
Michael Sarshad
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