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Syneos Health Podcast: Learning Agility in Medical Affairs

Being prepared for what you know is going to happen is hard enough, but how can you get ready for the unexpected? The answer: learning agility.

Learning agility is a set of skills, competencies and mindsets that support an organization’s ability to respond in unforeseen situations. In fact, higher levels of learning agility could help to “future proof” organizations against challenges of turbulent times, and as such will likely become a differentiator for life science companies. Best of all, learning agility is a skillset that can be developed.

In this interview with Hasini Jayatilaka, PhD, Consultant and Data and Analytics Specialist, Scientific and Medical Affairs at Syneos Health, we discuss why learning agility is particularly beneficial in  Medical Affairs, six tangible ways of cultivating learning agility and a diagnostic tool that can score, analyze, benchmark and provide recommendations for improvement on an individual, functional and organizational level. 

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